Photos by Jalaynna | Ron & Kathy {or as well call them The Nana and Baba}

Created 15-Nov-15
40 years of marriage was the prompt to get my parents in front of the camera. Growing up I lived with the confidence that my parents would ALWAYS love one another, and this year marks a huge milestone. 40 years ago on November 28, my parents said "I Do" at the Montgomery County Court House, wearing lime green plaid, with my Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Smith there to witness their marriage! My Dad is an amazing man. Someone I have looked up to my ENTIRE life. When life would hit rock bottom I could always count on my Dad to make everything work. My mom has personality plus! I have yet to meet a soul who does not love Mom. She is by far the most positive person I have ever encountered. Her love and passion for her job is something I strive to have in my own profession. Simply put, I don't think Jed and I could have picked better parents than the ones we are blessed with. My parents are two of my best friends, and I was so honored to get to take their 40th Wedding Anniversary photos. I love you Mom and Dad!